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DermaClinix - ThermiRF Skin Tightening Clinic in South Delhi, INDIA

Redefine Beauty, Remove Wrinkles and Revive Skin Tone to Stay Young. We believe in bringing out the youth in you than making you look young.

Age is nothing but a number—not a dictator of beauty. Aging is an inevitable process which no one can avoid but can definitely be slow down . The term anti -aging has now been replaced by slow aging or aging perfect. Key to aging gracefully is first understanding the whole concept and process involved in aging and taking step wise measures at various levels both preventive and corrective. Here in dermaclinix we constantly try to master this art by bringing various state-of-the art technologies and innovation and giving a holistic multidimensional approach.

Nowdays patients seek minimally invasive, safe, effective with minimal downtime alternatives to improve wrinkles ,tighten skin and rejuventation and are afraid to go under knife .But facial injections like botox , lasers, or creams are not enough to get desired results .So we in dermaclinix are introducing Thermi RF technology which will have a three dimensional approach which treats skin at various layers of tissue beneath the skin (both collagen and fat compartment ) and at the surface .

ThermiRF is a unique temperature controlled radiofrequency technology designed to safely produce excellent aesthetic outcomes through the application of the science of heat. This FDA approved procedure is one of the newest, state-of-the art technologies, has the potential to revolutionize the aesthetic industry in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures for targeted fat reduction and skin tightening .


Various probes and handpieces have different function and indication.

  • ThermiTight for Skin Laxity- The ThermiRF system is used along with a tiny SmartTip thermistor probe, which is inserted under the skin to heat subdermal tissues to a specific user-selected temperature to smooth and tighten the skin, and promote collagen production.
  • ThermiRase is a micro-invasive procedure that relaxes the nerves that control the muscles responsible for causing the appearance of frown lines on one’s face. This procedure precisely applies radio frequency energy to targeted nerves. Results of this procedure can last up to a year in some patients.
  • ThermiSmooth (Non Invasive Skin Smoothing) - ThermiSmooth is performed using a specially designed thermistor-regulated hand piece,. Which delivers precise heating to the skins surface.. The RadioFrequency energy causes the skin's temperature to rise gradually, using sustained heat at a calibrated temperature to achieve long-lasting skin smoothing *. Treatment is performed by moving a small hand-piece in a circular motion over the treatment zone. Treatments are typically repeated several times to achieve the desired cosmetic result.
  • ThermiVa ( Non Surgical Vulvovaginal Rejuvenation)- ThermiVa treatments deliver controlled thermal energy to the external labia and/or internal vaginal using the same technology as ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth procedures, reducing the effects of aging.
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What patients say About Us

Contented clientele depicts the effective results of the dermatologic and reconstructive treatments offered by the specialists at Thermi.

  • Such a comfortable and pleasing treatment with absolutely no complications. Immediately I felt my labia and vulva to be tighter, a lot less saggy, and a definite 'WOW' in the way it looked.

  • The saggy skin post delivery around belly always haunted me. I tried many lotions and creams to make it flat like before but nothing worked at all. But when I came to know about ThermiTight technique, I immediately go for it and now I have a flat stomach with a tight skin, just the way I wanted.

  • I notice I am more aroused and more wet and don't need lubrication anymore... now I feel healthier and sexier. I know the radiofrequency has helped both the inside and outside of my vagina.

  • I wanted to share with you some additional and very exciting news since you completed my first ThermiVa treatment. My urine incontinence has stopped completely . I have regained the ability to start and stop my urine flow which I have not been able to do for years.

  • The problem of under eye bags flows is our genes but I really wanted to get rid of them. Initially, I was hesitant about taking the ThermiSmooth treatment but once convinced by the doctors I go for it. The results are just awesome as they have gone completely and my skin has tightened under the eyes.